Looking to Give Your Author Website a Boost?

At Inkspire, we specialize in websites designed with strategy and intention. Our Website Audit will provide you with insights and actionable recommendations to improve your website’s user experience, messaging, visual flow, readability, and SEO performance. All from a reader’s POV.

Is this for you?

Frustratingly Low Website Traffic

Is your author website not getting the attention it deserves?

Struggling with Ineffective Branding

Is your website lacking true representation of your author brand?

Disappointing Book Sales

Is your website not driving the book sales and conversions you hoped for?

If you’ve found yourself wondering why any of these things are happening and how to fix them, then you can benefit from a website audit to help your author brand grow


Our Author Website Audit includes a comprehensive evaluation of your website.

Here’s what we will review and give you feedback on:

  • Author brand consistency and messaging.
  • Enhancing and streamlining your website’s design.
  • Evaluating page organization and suggesting improvements for conversion optimization.
  • Checking for broken links and missing elements.
  • Optimizing SEO and copy for increased traffic and visibility.
  • Improving page speed and ensuring a better user experience, especially on mobile devices.

Invest in your platform today and let’s set your website on a path to success.

As someone who has traveled the winding paths of web design as well as the book world, running my own book blog for over 11 years now, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that authors face when marketing their books.

With a passion for empowering creators and entrepreneurs, I’m here to guide you through the complexities of the web design, just as I’ve done for numerous individuals. Together, we’ll transform your website and reach your ideal readers.

I’m here to help.

How it Works

Book your Audit

Book your spot and complete the pre-audit questionnaire. Choose the date you want the audit to start. It’s not an appointment as we are not live together.

I Get to Work

I’ll complete the audit, typically within 72 hours of the date you chose. If I have anything to clear up from your questionnaire or during the audit, I’ll message you.

Get Feedback

I’ll provide you with a video walkthrough and a detailed action plan. If you need more assistance after reviewing the provided guidance, it will be an additional charge.

Don’t let your author website be a missed opportunity! Let’s work together to optimize it for success.

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