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I’m Francesca

As a millennial growing up in Panama, I vividly remember the days when the world was transitioning from analog to digital. That modem noise that alerted us we would be transported to the online world. I was immediately taken with the possibilities and, armed with rudimentary HTML skills, I crafted my very first website – a Dawson’s Creek fanpage that I ran for years and amassed a loyal following. The joy of creating, curating, and uniting like-minded people was the seed of my love for web design and online community.

I launched my first web design business servicing local small businesses. I crafted websites for diverse industries, from medical professionals and bed-and-breakfasts to construction projects and e-commerce platforms. However, life’s twists took me through multiple paths, including construction project management and later on even book publishing PR. My creative spirit flourished even more when I discovered the world of blogging in 2011. I built a recognizable book blog brand, including Instagram, podcast, and even bookish YouTube. I’ve walked this path, and now I’m here to help you navigate it.

I help content creators and service providers organize and run their businesses with ease and mindful productivity

I’ve created and run online shops for both physical and digital products. Each with different sets of challenges and using different platforms. From inventory management and shipping to best digital product delivery strategy. I know how confusing it can be to choose the right tools and integrate them into your workflow.

My love for planning and organizing naturally led to creating and selling printable planners. Even doing planner videos on Youtube. But my constant search for ways to be more organized finally brought me to Notion. It solved my struggling with staying organized on the go and all in one place, while not losing my pretty planning visuals to stay motivated. I learned to maximize its potential by creating templates that are unrivaled for organization and efficiency.

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beach + mountains



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books, fonts, tea

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Throughout the years, and my journey with web design, it wasn’t always this easy to DIY your website. Once I started using WordPress as my platform back in 2013 I understood this would allow anyone to achieve their online goals. Plus, with the right know-how it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and can be very user friendly. Whether that’s just your business presence, or your way to share a passion with the world and find your people. Its flexibility, affordability, and expansive plugin ecosystem can bring any of your ideas to life, minus the hefty price tags.

Finding the right tools to use within WordPress it’s of the utmost importance but can feel intimidating. I’ve been there, I’ve made the mistakes to prove it. One of the most important decisions is choosing the right theme. After trying many, including page builders and child themes, I finally found the one I would recommend wholeheartedly, and I chose to design with it. Kadence is a revolutionary theme that will help you combine aesthetics and ease-of-use, while being user-friendly. And not only your theme, but every post you make can look professional with a simple click. Looks great, it’s easy to use, saves time. This was the turning point for me, motivating me to pivot my focus towards providing Kadence-based templates and blocks to empower fellow creators while sharing my knowledge and experience so you don’t have to make the same mistakes in your process. And combining that with the power of Notion’s organization capabilities, you can launch and run anything!

My mission was crystal clear

To help you navigate the struggles that often come from running an online business and be there along the way so you don’t have to feel like you’re doing it alone. Because it can feel very isolating and sometimes you just need a boost. I’m here to demystify the process, from DIYing websites to navigating digital products, sales funnels, and beyond. Moreover, my passion for mindfulness that comes from a life immersed in yoga and mindful practices, is what leads me to focus on promoting well being while pursuing your business. Work-life balance should not be a goal for later, it should be the foundation of how you do business now. I envision a community where success isn’t about mere hustle, but true fulfillment. Let me help you leave behind the girl-boss era and welcome your true thriving self. Let’s create together, learn from each other, and fuse our collective wisdom to create a lasting digital mark.

How can I help you?

Discover our selection of products designed to boost your online business. From cutting-edge Notion templates for game-changing life and business organization to stunning WordPress blocks that will make your site shine with one click and streamline your workflow.

While you can find a lot of free information either on my blog or the resources in my free online community, you can also find in depth guides and courses from using AI the right way to boost your productivity, to DIYing your website step by step and much more.

Need a website up and running quickly? Want to boost your content strategy? You’re an author looking to make your online presence shine? Let’s collaborate to make your journey a success.

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Whether you want to collaborate, have questions about my products or services or maybe you have a request for specific content you’d like to see from me, reach out online via my Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, or fill out the form below