Are you a content creator or service provider looking for 1:1 business support?

I offer coaching services, web design (custom or template customization), website audits, digital product creation and tailored Notion organization system services.

Individualized support may be a perfect fit if you’re tired of…

Blogging Burnout

Frustrated with your blog feeling more like a burden than a passion project, stuck with growth and impact.

Tech Overwhelm

Feeling lost in the ever-evolving tech landscape, with plugins, platforms, and updates leaving your head spinning.

DIY Struggles

Spending hours trying to figure out website tweaks, digital tools, or organizing your creative chaos all on your own.

You don’t have to do it all alone

Do you relate to any of the challenges mentioned earlier? If so, you’re not alone in your struggles. I’ve been right where you are, facing the same hurdles and uncertainties in my business journey. Through countless experiments and lessons learned, I’ve gained valuable insights, and now I’m here to share that wisdom with female entrepreneurs like you. I’m passionate about empowering you to take the reins of your business and life.

If you’re seeking one-on-one guidance or personalized assistance to complement my range of digital products, here’s how we can collaborate:

1:1 Blog Coaching

Individual blog coaching is ideal for aspiring, new, and seasoned bloggers. I offer one-off coaching sessions, as well as packages with multiple calls. I have years of blogging experience, which has equipped me to help you in any area you’re struggling with, from content creation and SEO strategy, to newsletter growth and monetization, and more. No matter which coaching option you choose, rest assured coaching will be completely tailored to your specific needs and where you’re at in your blogging journey.

Web Design

Whether you’re launching your first website or are in need of a revamp for your existing one, I’ll design a site that captures your brand and speaks to your ideal audience. Your website is your digital storefront and needs to make an unforgettable first impression! Currently offering fully custom design or template installation and customization.

Notion Systems

Want to keep track of all the moving parts of your business in a streamlined (and fun!) way? Let me customize your Notion dashboard to meet your specific needs and help you stay on top of everything with ease. I can either modify some of my products to fit your business or we design something new just for you. Need a book series bible to organize your writing information? Maybe a company wiki with tutorials and resources? Once your personalized system is in place, you’ll love having your precious time – and sanity – back. 

Digital Product Creation

Need a lead magnet to encourage readers to join your email list? Looking for a unique tool to provide participants for an upcoming challenge? Want to sell digital products you have the rights to but don’t want to create them yourself? 

I can create customized digital products to meet your needs or help you with the creation process. whether you’ll be using them as a freebie or a paid product. This can be a Canva product, a guidebook, a planner or even a Notion template! Launching a course?

You may be wondering…

Whether you’ve been blogging for a while, thinking of starting a blog or looking to add a new chapter to your content creation journey, blog coaching can help you achieve your goal. From the right branding and content for your target audience, finding ways to monetize or even starting a new podcast or Youtube channel. Let’s chat about where you are in your journey, what’s your immediate goal and how I can be of service to reach it.

You can choose a one time strategy consultation or buy a package which will give you a discount for a set amount of calls to use within one year.

As of right now, coaching is only 1:1

You can choose either a custom design or a template customization option. I will give you a few options to choose from as a starting point, in base of our initial discussion. If you need graphic design, branding or copywriting, those will be included as options in your proposal.

I’ll review your website from a visitor’s perspective on things like design, flow, marketing strategy and performance. You’ll receive a report with suggestions on what you can work to improve.

If you need a whole new system designed whether for your business or a particular project, let’s have a chat and see how I can help.

I can help you design any number of things! For example: if you’re hosting a challenge for your followers, you can give them a Notion page with all the info for every step of the challenge and a way to track their own progress. For personal trainers or nutritionists, you can deliver a plan for your clients via a duplicable Notion page which they can import into their own Notion and track their progress, add notes etc. Other examples include: media kit, database of resources for your followers, natal chart, series or book information database for authors, lead magnets, checklists (like a cleaning or self care checklist) and many more.

If there’s something I haven’t addressed in the services above, you can always reach out at [email protected] and we can discuss if your needs are within the scope of services offered.

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