Creative Free Spirit

Welcome to your personalized productivity profile, Creative Free-Spirit!

You’re all about embracing flexibility and creativity when it comes to productivity. Routines? Nah. You prefer the freedom to choose how you approach tasks, and you’re motivated by the joy of getting things done.

Creative Free Spirits thrive when they have the freedom to be spontaneous. You value simplicity, aesthetics, and clarity in your planning process. Your creative approach allows you to stay motivated and excited about tackling your to-do list.

You excel in roles that require innovative thinking, brainstorming, and creative problem-solving. Your unique perspective and willingness to think outside the box can lead to incredible breakthroughs and original ideas.

How to Boost Your Productivity:

  • Mindful Goal Setting: Keep your goals broad and flexible to allow room for creative inspiration. I suggest a rough draft of quarterly goals to give you a roadmap to follow. but hey, it’s flexible!
  • Minimalist Workspace: Create a clean, inspiring workspace with a touch of creativity to enhance your productivity. But try to keep clutter at a minimum.
  • Visualize Your Progress: Use visual aids like vision boards or mind maps to track your projects and ideas. Create a digital vision board as your computer background, inside your notion or frame it over your desk!
  • Digital Tools for Inspiration: Explore digital note-taking apps and creative tools to capture your thoughts and ideas. You would certainly enjoy digital planning on an app like GoodNotes and using dashboards in Notion.

Some resources for you:

Based on the recommendations above, I think you may enjoy some of these tools or methods:

Notion Dashboards

Notion offers you the intersection of pretty and functional planning. You can either make your own or grab a template of dashboards that will draw you in with the design aesthetics but will still keep you simply organized

Digital Detox

You may want to consider some digital detox strategies for unplugging and being more present to achieve maximum productivity. Sometimes it’s about doing more with less. Try to unplug once in a while to recenter and if needed, unsubscribe. I’ve got an ebook guide coming soon so be sure to get on the email list and be notified when it’s available.

Accountability Partners

The biggest thing with the creative free-spirit is staying on track. Join a mastermind group or find an accountability partner so you can encourage each other to success but, more importantly, stay on track!

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